BSP (Billing Settlement Plan)

• The pilot programme of BSP commenced in July, 2005 with the participation of 6 airlines and 9 agents and it was distributed by 3 GDSs - Galileo, Amadeus and Abacus.
• While the pilot programme was running, Tag (Paper) tickets and e-tickets were also issued in parallel by the above mentioned GDSs and agents.

• The fully fledged BSP system was introduced with 73 agents and 20 airlines.
• E-tickets were introduced to Sri Lankan Market which replaced Tag tickets.
• In December the number of agents increased to 92.
• The average sales figure Rs. 1.8 billion was recorded per month 2012 (at present).
• The number of BSP agents increased to 115, inclusive of 4 branch offices and 30 airlines.
• Average sales figure of Rs. 3.3 billion was recorded per month.

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