Welcome to IATA Agents Association of Sri Lanka
Affiliated to the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Since 1988

IATA Agents Association of Sri Lanka, was formed in 1988 as a body to represent the interests of the Sri Lankan Travel Agencies accredited by the International Air Transport Association. At present the membership consists of 87 Travel Agencies located throughout Sri Lanka.

The President, Vice President, Immediate Past President & 12 Council Members, which includes the immediate Past President, is elected at an Annual General Meeting, to guide the Association on behalf of the general membership. The Council meets monthly and as and when an industry issue requires immediate intervention or the consensus of the general membership.

The main objectives of the Association include.

  • bulletOverlooking the interests of the members in all areas connected to the travel industry and intervention on members behalf on industry issues.

  • bulletLiaising with the Department of Civil Aviation on matters of interest and policy.

  • bulletMediating on any problems and issues that have arisen between Travel Agencies and Airlines.

  • bulletThe Association also has designated committees for, Diplomatic Liaison, Finance & Accounts, BillingSettlement Plan, Membership & Attendance, Activities & Fund Raising and Airline Relations, to further the interests of the general membership.

  • bulletThe services of an Advisory Consultant, having wide experience in both the Airline and Travel Industry, is available to all members as a trouble shooter.

President's Message

Mr. Channe Wijemanne, Director / Chief Executive Officer of George Steuart Travel Ltd President IATA-AASL 2017/ 2018

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Assalamu Alaykum! Welcome to the 29th Annual General Meeting of the IATA Agents Association of Sri Lanka held in this beautiful Oasis in the desert- Oman. Read More

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